Looking for a woman’s Gangnam Style costume for Halloween, a wedding, or partyGo as your hero’s gorgeous partner. This page showcases everything you need to go as a sexy backup dancer from Gangnam Style.

The dancers’ costumes have 4-5 main items:

  1. Top: The backup dancers have a loose sleeveless white top with a turtleneck or collar. If it’s hard to find this combo, it might be easier to have a scoop top or get an optional collar (see below). More tops
  2. Bottom: The real fun! The dancers wear a short silver or gold hot pant bottom. There are lots of options — how revealing or tight to go is up to you. More bottoms
  3. Shoes: Their shoes are a white, off white, or silver sandal with a thick ankle. They likely don’t wear heels due to the intense dancing they’re required to do– heels would probably work fine for Halloween. More shoes

  4. Bracelets: Large, gold bracelets (also known as bangles) wrap around both wrists. Find on Amazon or any mall. More Bracelets
  5. Optional Collar: As mentioned above, the shirt isn’t the easiest thing to find, so a collar would be a great accessory.

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