Looking for a Gangnam Style costume for Halloween, a wedding, or party? This page showcases everything you need to go as PSY. Dress like a Hero. Dance like a Hero!

PSY’s Costume has 6 main items:

  1. Tuxedo: You need a tuxedo suit of some kind, and the best colors are blue, green, and white. It’s cheapest and fastest to get a tuxedo costume or plain suit without black accents and add them either with black material, black electrical tape or black duct tape. More classy tuxes or more coats
  2. Top: The shirt in Gangnam style is white and frilly, and sometimes sleeveless. It’s best to look for tuxedo shirts or vests that usually accompany tuxedo suits. More shirts

  3. Sunglasses: The sunglasses are square wayfarer style, and can be purchased on Amazon or Walmart. Pro Tip: The ones in Oppa Gangnam Style have gold accents. Look for gold accent sunglasses, or add a touch of gold with a gold paint pen. More sunglasses
  4. Bow tie: PSY wears a black bow tie in most of his outfits, like a true hero. More bow ties
  5. Bottom: Black pants with creases. Purchase at Amazon or any clothing store.
  6. Shoes: PSY usually wears black tuxedo shoes with white accents. Another option is to get some shiny black dress shoes and add white accents with white electrical tape or white duct tape. More shoes

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