Looking for an Elevator Guy costume for Halloween, a wedding, or party? This page details everything you need to go as that hip thrusting wonder. Don’t forget the smile!

Elevator Guy’s Costume has 4-5 main items:

  1. Cowboy Hat: Cowboy guy’s hat is a light colored straw and curls up on the edges. Look for a braided straw hat with hat strap. Don’t skimp on the hat since it’s the anchor for the whole outfit. More hats
  2. Top: Lime green t-shirt with yellow accents. Any lime green or green tie-dye t-shirt will do, the tackier the better. More shirts
  3. Bottom: Tight paint specked swim trunks that are difficult to find. Look for white swim trucks or tight shorts with a crazy color design. More hip busting bottoms
  4. Shoes: Spartan strap sandals left over from 4 years ago when you went as a Spartan warrior. Men or women’s gladiator-type strap sandals from Amazon or costume store will also do. More Sparta!

  5. Optional Face Necklace: In case you missed it, Cowboy guy wears a necklace with a cartoon face on it.


Behind the scenes with Elevator Guy:

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