Looking for a Yellow Suit Guy Gangnam Style costume for Halloween, a wedding, or party? This page features everything you need to go as the yellow suit guy from Gangnam Style.

Yellow Suit Guy’s Costume has 6 main items:

  1. Wig: Yellow Suit Guy has styled, shiny boy band hair. Look for a clean cut and bowl shape. You can also get a larger wig and trim it down to yellow guy size. More wigs
  2. Top: Banana suit! Look for a bold yellow suit coat. Another option might be to get a white suit coat and color it bright yellow (no one said looking amazing was easy). More banana tops
    Edit: Unfortunately, yellows suits are sold out just about everywhere. The only options we can find are mostly in women’s suits, which probably isn’t as bad as it sounds. Or get a bright yellow vest instead.
  3. Sunglasses: He wears over-sized, round white sunglasses with a tint of color on the lens. There seems to be more options in female glasses. More sunglasses

  4. Tie or Scarf: Get a yellow and dark color tie or scarf and wrap it around your neck. Adds a bit of class to an already superstar outfit. More ties and more scarves
  5. Bottom: Yellow pants. Not easy to find, but Dick Tracy costumes or dying a pair of white pants are good options. More pants
  6. Shoes: Yellow accented shoes to match the outfit. Get on Amazon or any large shoe store. More shoes

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