PSY’s K-Pop sensation Oppa Gangnam Style landed in July and the world has changed forever. Just hitting #1 on the UK charts and climbing fast worldwide, it doesn’t look like Gangnam Style is leaving our ears, or legs, anytime soon.

If you’re going to dress like PSY, you’re going to have to learn to dance like him too. Problem is, the music video is high paced and flashy, making the moves hard to mimic. Here’s how to learn the easy way.

Here’s some steps in slow motion. Three part series:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Another option, of course, is to look at people who have learned to dance Gangnam Style themselves.

Next up we have the backup dancers training WITH PSY, assuring they can dance to Oppa Gangnam Style all day.

Think you’re a pro? Compare yourself to these wonderful dancers:


Finally, PSY himself explains (in English) how to do his unique horse dance:

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